Sell your real estate with HD33

Entrust your sale with our real estate agency

Using the services of a real estate agency to sell your property, grants you of a practical, efficient, and fast solution. HD33’s Database provides a list of potential buyers. This gives the possibility, of concluding fast the sale. Afterwards the agency will secure the procedure, presales agreement, Notary act, and follow up with the different intervenient. What ever your project is, HD33 grants you a personalized accompanies at each step of the procedure.  

A real estate property

A house or an apartment, selling your property with a real estate agency, allows you to benefit of a permanent accompanies. HD33 realizes a value estimation, grants the promotion, and takes care of the numerous formalities.  

HD33 is aware, that the key point of an efficient sales process is, the reactiveness. The real estate agency can give you useful advice, to speed up the sales process. Such as depersonalizing the property, cleaning up before each visit. To appeal to our home staging specialist, reveals to be benefit.  

An exceptional Place

Selling an exceptional property, either a Villa or Prestige property, requires the same procedure a “traditional sale”. But the connections of HD33 are even more important in this type of property, the promotion network are the same, such as the profile of the potential buyers.

In the same perspective, the sales of a constructable land, requires competence and “savoir-faire” of our real estate agency. A part of the value estimation, the promotion doesn’t rely on the same factors, the enhancement of the location and future perspectives are mandatory.  

A commercial surface

If it is the walls or the commercial property, selling your commercial property with a real estate agency, allows you to benefit of an expertise for its value estimation and promotion. There again, the location is to be valued, such as the surface and the potential rental turn over, can make the difference. Monthly charges, parking, amenities... HD33 accompanies you all the way through the process.

A specific sale

Highly request, parking’s require also the assistance of a real estate agency, whom will estimate correctly its value, in accordance to its location (Luxembourg-city and surroundings) , its characteristics (size).

As an expert in real estate, HD33 takes care of all, for you: selling your property with our real estate agency, allows you to gain on time, serenity, all in optimizing your financial operation.