Invest in a real estate property with HD33


Which real estate investment to choose?

The Luxembourgish real estate market is extremely crisis resistant, offering a great potential for investors. Du to its flourishing economy and constant increasing population.
Investing in a real estate offers several advantages, for companies or private persons, but with the participation of a real estate agency such as HD33, the operation may perfectly stick to your aims and personal situations.   

A real estate agency HD33 for an investment

Investing in a real estate in Luxembourg, becomes easy and accessible du to the accompanies of HD33. The investor profiles are very various and their choice is immediately dictated by the financial aim: diversify patrimony, obtain a permanent income, heritage...

In Luxembourg, HD33 accompanies you in your project, for a short or long-term investment. The expert and sharpened view will orient you to the corresponding real estate investment. Depending on the aim, accent si put on the security and turn over.  


A short-term real investment

The real agency HD33, knows absolutely that the prices for apartments have doubled since 2010, increasing tendency. The market will be regulated, by the balance between offer and demand. The investment allows to expect a considerably more gain in case of sale. With low interest rates, investing in a real estate is an option to be considered.

For an investment, HD33 will analyze the key points of turn over. Purchase price/location/ typology/ rental turn over... On those criteria’s HD33 will guide you on to the best opportunity.

Investment, obtaining an extra monthly income

In a short or long-term perspective, a real estate investment may be considered as profitable, as the demand on lodging in Luxembourg is constantly high, with very low vacancies.  

Investing in New construction, allows to benefit of modern and comfortable features, but may not be sold in between 2 years, as the speculation rule will apply.
Investing in existing constructions, the registration fees are higher, but the VAT rates are more advantageous in case of renovation. In this matter HD33 can accompanies you.

As decisive point is, the location for a real estate investment, attraction poles such as Luxembourg-city and Esch/Alzette are leader. But communes with a good public transport connection attract Investors. In this matter once again, HD33 can do the difference with its professional connections.


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